Friday, August 21, 2009

Venus, Serena to own part of Miami Dolphins

Oh Brother the list just keeps getting longer..hey Ross idea here... Why not add more owners to your roster by selling a share in ownership for each seat bought so as to fill the stadium-heck if I owned a seat and a stake in the team maybe I would go. Surely knowing I would be sharing in the revenue of all those dollars I would have no issues with your soon to not enjoy paying $12.00 for a cocktail (oh only up to the third quarter), an $6.00 hot dog, or $9.00 for three chicken pieces and some fries...not too mention all the overpriced team merchandise that I can buy at Target for much cheaper.

But hey the Sherlock isnt enough of a celebrity to be considered..Here are some possible other favorite Miamians who should be considered...Here they are:

Pauli Shore-Anthony Michael Hall-Rob Van Winkle-The leftover Milli-vanilli-Roseanne-should I continue-I mean common what good will it do my Dolphins to have the sisters as my teams owner-what will they be wearing Dolphins colors at the US Open, and at the Lipton or whatever that event will be called this year depending upon what huge company wants to stamp their name on a non-major event. Will they be giving the players tennis lessons and oversee training camp-will they be running drills with the team as I bet a lot of the team would love to see these sista's shake a little ass to get them motivated. I say buy em out...How much!! and stick to tennis!!! as obviously you both had no idea what you were doing with your clothing lines?-

Friday, August 7, 2009

Columbian Oxy Clean

Too bad so SAD that americas favorite pitchman is no more in oh so many ways. Sice his passing we have mourned him and have witnessed every commercial he has ever pitched so as to use his celebrity to sell whatever inventory his multi billion yes billion dollar company has. Now with word confirming this pitch mans secret weapon do you think he shall be remember with the reverence of famous TV personalities before? This aint no Oxy Clean here as think those buckets were filled with powder, no wonder why would often smell/taste that undeniable flavor when I took out my laundry. I cant wait until there is an ortopsy of all his products as I bet Kaboom is a halicinogenic-The awesome auger is a weed crop herder, Mighty mendor is liquid crack-it all makes perfect sense now!