Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Not that anything is wrong with it"

Are they? Arent they? that is the question....

So Sesame Street turns 40 today and one of the lingering questions that this long time fan has to explore is the reality in the relationship between Ernie & Bert..

I've recounted the stories about the infamous "Ernie and Bert are gay" rumor probably more times than Count Von Count can count. But with "Sesame Street" celebrating its 40th anniversary on Tuesday, I'm going to take it as an opportunity to rehash that same silly rumor one more time.

Bongarts/Getty ImagesOf course, the sexuality of other cartoon characters has come into question over the years. Anti-gay groups have accused SpongeBob SquarePants and Tinky Winky of the "Teletubbies" of harboring a homosexual agenda, even while most people with half a brain were saying, "They're just children's characters." Bert and Ernie's lifestyle choices, however, didn't help matters. They share a room, and a bedroom, if not a bed. They bicker like husband and wife. They frequently break out in song. One has a curious obsession with his rubber ducky.From the very first "Sesame Street" episode, Ernie can be seen taking a bath with Bert in the room -- and that makes a lot of guys uncomfortable.
'They Don't Exist Below the Waist'The controversy hit a fever pitch in 1994, when the Rev. Joseph Chambers called for the characters to be banned."They share clothes, eat and cook together and have blatantly effeminate characteristics. In one show Bert teaches Ernie how to sew. In another they tend plants together," the Southern evangelist said on his radio show. "If this isn't meant to represent a homosexual union, I can't imagine what it's supposed to represent."
At one point, the Children's Television Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind "Sesame Street," even issued a denial."Bert and Ernie, who've been on Sesame Street for 25 years, do not portray a gay couple, and there are no plans for them to do so in the future. They are puppets, not humans," the organization said in a statement. "Like all the Muppets created for 'Sesame Street,' they were designed to help educate preschoolers. Bert and Ernie are characters who help demonstrate to children that despite their differences, they can be good friends."Years later, Gary Knell, president of Children's Television Workshop successor Sesame Workshop, would say, "They are not gay. They are not straight. ... They don't exist below the waist."

Better yet as far as politically correct is concerned whateva happened to the first rappin Brotha Muppet Roosevelt Franklin:? Mr inner city hippster, and why didnt he have a Nose is that a deliberate fraupah???? You tell me...

Monday, November 2, 2009

These characters are not the untouchables:

The Magic city has long has been a city wrapped up in politics and corruption, and some may even contend that the city was built upon it. Well in what is slowly becoming the second coming, the equilibrium I will call it from the recorrection in the Stock Market, to the current Real Estate Crash, to the medicare scandals plaguing our community right down to the average daily scams it seems that more and more of those who thought theat they were intouchable are now finding themselves in lets just say legal predicaments that not only jeopardize their own livelihoods, but brings into further question how we "society" are just so naive as to let it happen.

Its like an old Christmas Carol we soon will be singing but with substituted names instead of reindeer....Now you remember The Dauds, The Pauls, the Kraemers, the medicare brothers who thought they were saviors....Art Steele and his handgun at the herald, and now add to the list a prominent attorney in Ft. laundrydale who has definately done his fair share of washing and now Miami's own Cap't Lew, Lew Freeman that is who's forensic accounting firm has single handedly been the receiver of countless government repos as well as managed hundreds of millions of assets for the state. Oh the irony, oh the guilt..it wasnt me it wasnt me??? can you say too bad soo sad...In a world where the chosen already feel special, here we show you just how "special" they actually are, and it couldn't have happened to a better bunch of characters. I just hope Charlie has the beds available for them to spend some time in and I am not talking about a private room at one of the distressed properties around town I am talking TGK-as these boys are gonna look good in orange-or is it blue I dont remember....either way better hope they like the cold as they are gonna get exactly what they deserve and it aint a dinner anytime soon at Casa casurina....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its the most wonderful time of the year...

Remember that feeling...the first snow, the last day of school before winter break, and of course the night before xmas, when we children stay up all night in anticipation of santa's visit and all the goodies he will bring. Well for us true sea-foodies here in South Florida its xmas in October as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our beloved Stone Crab season, which of course runs for those of you who dont know from October 15 thru may 15th each year. OK Ok so maybe you had been lucky enough to find some over the summer, and that tease was enough to hold your craving at bay, but those were frozen and if you have ever had the priveledge of eating a claw that was just harvested well there are no comparisons.

Yes, Folks Joes will open its doors this Thursday with its tried and true delicasies available for lunch, as i am sure the place will be packed (although last years numbers were down over 30%)-so even in a recession even the landmarks are effected. Can you say "NO Reservations", well if such is the case and you don't want to wait might the sherlock suggest Take-out as it is the better buy!! and again the same mouthwatering crab, the same sauce, and all the fabulous sides that you get when you sit down only without the attiude nor the wait...(I have waited up to 2 hrs in season when I first came to the Magioc city-that was before I learned the secrets behind the wait..." ) Whats that you ask well if I told you I would have to kill you and we wouldnt want that now would we...

So for all those who have waited with baited breath I wish you all the merriest of Seasons-filled with love, Stone Crab and of course key Lime....

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya."

Well it didnt take long as the Sherlock told you way back when that this Restaurant was destined for disaster-From poor planning, overspending to the owner thinking he knew better than the consultant (typical)-nothing is more satisfying than the "I told you so"..

Ahnvee was never going to be what it aspired to be, as SOBE and Miami are far from a real food city and tourists are not going to pony up for gourmet cajun no matter whom the chef was-is-or who will be if they do decide to re-open under a different incarnation-

Bottom line to owners-get out now while the gettin is good-leave the spot for others who can make something out of what you leave behind-whatever that may be as the sherlock see's too often the pilliaging of your restaurant to recoup some costs leaving the space a mess, not that it wasn't a mess in the first place-

Friday, August 21, 2009

Venus, Serena to own part of Miami Dolphins

Oh Brother the list just keeps getting longer..hey Ross idea here... Why not add more owners to your roster by selling a share in ownership for each seat bought so as to fill the stadium-heck if I owned a seat and a stake in the team maybe I would go. Surely knowing I would be sharing in the revenue of all those dollars I would have no issues with your soon to not enjoy paying $12.00 for a cocktail (oh only up to the third quarter), an $6.00 hot dog, or $9.00 for three chicken pieces and some fries...not too mention all the overpriced team merchandise that I can buy at Target for much cheaper.

But hey the Sherlock isnt enough of a celebrity to be considered..Here are some possible other favorite Miamians who should be considered...Here they are:

Pauli Shore-Anthony Michael Hall-Rob Van Winkle-The leftover Milli-vanilli-Roseanne-should I continue-I mean common what good will it do my Dolphins to have the sisters as my teams owner-what will they be wearing Dolphins colors at the US Open, and at the Lipton or whatever that event will be called this year depending upon what huge company wants to stamp their name on a non-major event. Will they be giving the players tennis lessons and oversee training camp-will they be running drills with the team as I bet a lot of the team would love to see these sista's shake a little ass to get them motivated. I say buy em out...How much!! and stick to tennis!!! as obviously you both had no idea what you were doing with your clothing lines?-

Friday, August 7, 2009

Columbian Oxy Clean

Too bad so SAD that americas favorite pitchman is no more in oh so many ways. Sice his passing we have mourned him and have witnessed every commercial he has ever pitched so as to use his celebrity to sell whatever inventory his multi billion yes billion dollar company has. Now with word confirming this pitch mans secret weapon do you think he shall be remember with the reverence of famous TV personalities before? This aint no Oxy Clean here as think those buckets were filled with powder, no wonder why would often smell/taste that undeniable flavor when I took out my laundry. I cant wait until there is an ortopsy of all his products as I bet Kaboom is a halicinogenic-The awesome auger is a weed crop herder, Mighty mendor is liquid crack-it all makes perfect sense now!

Friday, July 24, 2009

W is the first letter in Wanna Bee

E does not = W
Pretentious, over rated and now this partnership with the W hotel and this is one that even blows the sherlocks mind. In a time where $500 per night hotel room stays are down nearly 70% The W Hotel has reached way down into the bottom of the barrel and came up with a co-marketing deal for all those fans of the HBO show Entourage in order to lure in those looking to frolic like an "A'" list celebrity!!! Boo Ya I say-so much better can come out of the $5,000.00 +that two nights as a wanna bee and I am not talking Turtle...Even Drama would think twice about spending that much-Vince maybe but hey he just did Scorsayze right?!-and if you are that wealthy that the money isnt the issue well then you have much bigger issues with your ego and might look to invest this money in a good shrink!!!

As as far as the show goes, now dont get me wrong as I am a loyal fan and old time camp friend of the main producer and FYI some of the references in the show actually come from our real life growing up-To say that I am glad for the success is an understatement yet not a fan of the hype which unfortunately has to be dragged along with it-Muchos mazel tovs for all those involved in making it what it has become!! Now lets just try to curb the co-marketing and stick with whjat works-a great cast, great scripts and Ari's attitude!!!!-Oh and by the way LLoyd was kicking back the heinies and the hors d ouvres, I dont think he will ever get his own desk!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rich owner seeking investors

So who will be next on the list of South Floridas Millionaires looking to own a piece of a legend. Or should I say legend in the making as at this rate atleast the stands will be filled with owners of the team as opposed to vacant with prices being what they are in this economy. Whos next am I hearing luther Campbell, Vanilla Ice? And what about John Secada I wonder what is the prerequisite of fame and celebrity one must tought to be an owner of this now over the top franchise??? Its going to take a hell of a halftime show for Mr. Ross and now what 37 famous investors to make any sort of profit from a home game...Maybe J Perez will sign on and offer a free night at the icon for anyone who buys a high end luxury ticket at Land Shark Stadium. ha is that really the name as I still call it Pro Player-h how I miss the OB more than ever now...And what we Hurrcicane fans now will also have to succumb to this ownership fiasco?? and What about the food, can we get some Conch on the menu please!!! I will open a stand-if need be as if we are gonna reepresent lets do it right...Medinoche bar...Ceviche bars...and of course forget the bottles lets sell pitchers of Mojitos in plastic coconuts....talk about a side show!!!

When will Mr. Ross get it as signing all these people will only make the real fans made...Why not sell to those who matter, aka Dan, Bob, Don, Larry, and anyone else from history-sorry for those I didnt include-let them have some of the legacy give them a piece of the pie...at least with tem we know it wont end up back in our faces....Hint hint

Friday, July 17, 2009

Need a Job???

WELCOME TO MIAMI-the unemployment capital of America...10.6% is the latest figures announced today by the gov't. and combined with all the foreclosures the surge in Gas prices and all this heat, Is Florida the Paradise we all think of...and what about property taxes? and we havent even had any threat fo a Hurricane for 2009 yet as I say yet....When will we all get it, common Charlie I hope you set aside billions as one Cat 3 will devestate our state, a Cat 4 well, can you say Katrina, and if we dare recieve a Cat 5 well I am buying all the land for redevelopment....The sherlock sees the opportunity can you say all in...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mango shoobie doobie doo

Damn how frekin lucky are we...as I drive around town I see limbs bellowing with the most succulent of all delicasies so I pull over and in my only plight as a criminal pick the fruits that are left only to drop to the earth and wither away wasting it sculinary godlikeness!!! Oh Mango how we love thee from from Susser to Mitello, from Norman to Douglas...how the memories conjur culinary greatness...But what about the avg. joe-the carlos' and the joneys who slave everyday perfecting their craft and utilizing this Gift of nature...hail you damn sweet and succulent mango as forever you will be the highlight of all floribbean no matter where you came from nor what you will be..you will always be the measure of all to be in sfl cuisine....damn am I a poet!??? NAHHHHH

Goodbye Icon and I am not talking condo's

How sad is it when one of americas divas has to deal with and succumb to what is the american nightmare. As a cancer survivor myslef the sherlock knows just how difficult it is to share deal with and live life compelled with this disease, and while this detective is in a management stage it still hurts when an icon of our childhood has to deal with and above all share her ordeal with those uneducated who need a real kick in the ass!! to see her in pain and to listen to the reality is too much to bear so I must contend, while the media plays its own role that her passing is a good thing as you wouldnt want to A. live with this reality and watch those around you have to deal with your deterioration-Farrah is and will always be the first real angel in my life and while there are others she still desreves and demands the respect of the American public who not so long agao made her our sweetheart!
Michael Michael Michael theres too many people cryin-Michael Michael Michael there are to many people dyin.. On this day we look to euthanize and pay respects, as it a bigger person to understand just how important and inspirational your life was no matter what he media portrayed you as in later days. You are and will always be a legend and your passing will classify itself in the realm of the true American Icon-Marilyn, Elvis, Jimmy D, John Lennon, and now you-god speed to you my very disturbed brotha as life while quite kind was very cruel and know one knew that like you-As a media icn your real life struggles were your downfall not too mention the reality from Joe daddy and all involved. All the chef can say is thank you, thank you for the memories, form ABC to Ivory you were the man, you put it out there when others only wished they could Life has a funny way to represent and too be honest better to go loved than hated-remember a few years ago-now your legendary icon status is in tact again my wanna be white brotha rest in piece...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brick Oven Wash-Out

As the pizza craze "crawls" its way throught south Florida in much the same way we witnessed the "Steak" craze and now the ever-present Burger romp, I once again had to see where one of the originals faired and unfortunately all the newcomers are blowing them out of the water. I was/am a big fan of Andiamo in many ways as it was a great idea, an amazing location, and a great anchor which has added to the revitalization of what was a crack swoon neighborhood. I had high hopes with the merging of Frankies grill and had hoped that it would have improved what was the pizza restaurants one main fropa and that was the service as I think they hired many of those crack adicts as part of the city's allowing them to referbish a landmark as they did. In either case, not only did the service NOT improve but I believe they promoted the bad servers to cooks as now the pizza is no longer the same. From prosciutto that is cut as thick as fat slab bacon, to wilted and discolored arugula, to the dough which tasted as if they were recycling Leo's water for their crsut, needless to say this food detective was not impressed. Its too bad, as I was a huge fan and as a transplanted NYer I did love to have that pizza around, and now in light that we have atleast 10 opportunities within a twenty mile radious I have to say Mr. Soyka better think of his next incantation to his culinary empire.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you build it half ass will they come?

What started out as a Grass roots efforth has unfortunately seen better pastures.
Seems that the restoration efforts that began for this landmark MIMO property
have hit some road blocks, and the dreams in bringing a farmers market to the area well...Market Company you obviously win...

While I have been saying that the owners concept and idea would not make it from its inception. Yesterday confirmed what The Sherlock listed as one of the next closings in the
Miami food scene. Knowing that it was closed the previous two weekends
I was in the neighborhood so drove in only to see a sign "Closed for Improvements".
I mean common we all in the restaurant Biz knows what this means in reality! I needed
to see first hand and sure enough everything inside was still in its place-
like it was a ghost town, No work permits in the windows and no evidence of any
work being done. There were no other cars in the parking lot and no one to be found
to inquire with, so again leaves you to wonder?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reclaiming "The Spot"

When I first heard that there was this new spot opening up on south beach for some tasty Po Boys my taste buds perked, as all my friends know how much I love a good po boy-(shout out to dombelise in New Orleans. ) The fact that there werent any real authentic sandwiches to be had I was intrigued no let alone excited. So today for lunch knowing I was going to be on the beach I made my way over and what I found was quite impressive yet a bit nostalgic and frustrating. As far as the food goes, here I have no issues and would reccommend this place for anyone who craves some tasty fried seafood, sandwiched between a deliscious roll, smothered with spicy cajun mayonaisse, dill pickles and shredded lettuce-at one point I even closed my eyes as the sounds of the Neville Brothers told me that this was the real deal.

My issue was with the fact that yes this was in fact "the Spot", so named and not just a spot so to speak whereby you can great great sandwiches. And you say why Sherlock-whats the difference-well to us "old Timers" there will and can only be "one SPOT" on Miami beach and its long gone now-talk about an institution-Just ask Mickey Rourke as he and the rest of us regulars were like bar stools in a dirty bar with a line stretching way onto collins just to get in-As Archie Bunker would sing " Boy those were the days"-Girls on tables, cheap booze-and of course the perverbial Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll that truly made Sobe what it is today all thoise years ago-so to this new spot I say kudos to the food yet loose the name and respect the spot that came before and that will live on long after your restaurant becomes just another moment in Sobe culinary history.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple Restaurant the newest wanna be to grace us with its culinary presence has yet to open on South Beach and its already causing quite the rift between the owners. What was to be the second outpost for nepotistic young chef Ogden who by proxy gained notoriety because of dear ol dad-and with that reeled in some investors looking to capitalize on his chef-celebrity. Well what is being sold through a public relations cover up the owners are declaring their delayed opening on the weather..HA!! hey this isnt even going to be an outdoor restaurant or even be near water so what they hell are they trying to pull. The reality is that there is a major lawsuit between the partners who claim that the other misled them and falsified records and property valuations as well as the preliminary P & L needs for the opening. All fancy fancy restaurant talk for the fact that one guy lied and swindled the other or in other words your typical Miami business deal. Glad to see even in this recession Miami is still living up to its criminal steryotype..The Magic city is just that just make sure you realize what is real and what is Magic???

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eos Where R You

Tucked away on the 15th floor of the Viceroy hotel, and I do mean tucked away as in looking for this restaurant I was lost in a maze without direction..Once I located the small but pretentious waiters stand I knew I had found what I was looking for. The restaurant itself is as swanky as all the money that went into it and is truly representative of the over the top waste of money that Jeorge put in to his Iconic wasteland..It is designed by Hollywood glamour girl Kelly Wearstler and exhibits her trademark flair for sumptuous materials and quirky colors and not too mention her flair for spending other peoples money in excess...Upon arrival on a Tuesday night I was asked if I had a reservation like that matters in this economy, as they proceeded to test my Patience in even asking me...We were escorted to our table and once settled the waiter who was quite courteous and knowledgeable took our drink order and asked if we had been there before or if we had any questions in his explanation of the menu..Now I aint gonna bore you with all that critique as yes the menu was laid out in sections...Blah Blah Blah-lets just say the writing and the layout had me interested even knowing beforehand what I was going to order...After perusing the menu I opeted for exactly what I came for and with that said I will say 3 of 5 dishes were worth the experience the other 2 you can have-

I will begin with what was worth it...The Lamb tartar...in a land where steak is everywhere it was great to taste something as tender and tasty as this tart tar. Everything including the pita was spot on my only dis is the fact that I needed more pita..hint hint...Next...smoked Octopus-while a bit chewy (as is the norm) the flavor here was spectacular and the pineapple dice made it that much better....Lastly...The risotto...talk about a landmark in a town with none-this one alone puts this place on the culinary map-a perfect fusion of flavor and the egg yold well adds a dash of elegance that again no one in Miami has a clue with...Kudos to this one...

Now for the not so great....and this one left me quite surprised and could be the demise of an otherwise possibility...here we are talking cviche' as both choices lacked flavor, depth and any hint of Miami, the fish was rubberry and the soup was basically a lime juice coctail minus any liquor...Funny how aweful it was considering we are all about raw fish cooked in Limes here in Miami...Note stick to GREEK, mediterranean and you will succeed if not it will be a long hot summer for all and since the chef already hates Miami I know he already has a ticket back to NYC-

Bottom Line-go and try, for the price you get a value and if you navigate around the ceviche you are in for a culinary treat...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out with the Just Recently Opened, In with the soon to be relocated:

Remember where you heard it first food fans and cynics alike, Zushi Flirt the second incantation of the wanna be sushi restaurant from New Jersey, did a M*A*S*H bug out very recently in evacuating what is the failed outspot at Table 8 located in the soon to change names again Hotel at 16th and Collins. The Sherlock loves the perverbial "I told You So.." and while the sherlock would love to give credit where credit is due this is sedom the case here in the Magic City.
It Turns out that Miso Horney and all the other sexual oriented offerrings once again didnt make the cut even amongst all the sexual deviants among us-Once again proving that it takes more than just a catchy play on words to make quality food.

So what will become of the "Ghost spot" that has sooo much potential, and what of the wy too large to pay the rent burger bar on Alton Road. Hey leave it to the sherlock once again as it would be too bad to let Govin Go as while he really isnt here his concepts are and as far as I am concerned his team needs to get a clue-think smaller space-definately beer on tap and a do-able rent reality. Even if the space is small what do you need to make a burger-One location on the beach is all you need want to expand-go design district for second-Follow the successes of those who know and dont let those who dont run the concept.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cookie and Gourmet Launch First-Ever Kids' Restaurant Week in Washington D.C.

June 13-21, 2009
Top Restaurants in DC to Participate in New Promotion Sponsored by Destination DC
NEW YORK, May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Two Conde Nast publications--Cookie, the lifestyle magazine for the modern mom, and Gourmet, the magazine of good living--jointly announced that they will unveil the first-ever Kids' Restaurant Week in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the joys of eating out as a family.
Destination DC, the official convention and tourism corporation for the nation's capital, and Pure Via, the all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener, sponsor this inaugural Kids' Restaurant Week.
Carolyn Kremins, VP/publisher of Cookie, says, "Meals are an important time for families to spend together, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them this unique experience."
From June 13 through June 21, families with young children will have the opportunity to enjoy fine family dining at some of the best restaurants in Washington D.C., including Art & Soul, Asia Nine, Beacon Street Bar & Grill, Cafe du Parc, Firefly, Juniper at the Fairmont, Mie N Yu, M Street Bar & Grill, Palette at Loews, The Hay-Adams and Zola. "This program is a great opportunity for children to have fun trying new foods while learning to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime," says Nancy Berger Cardone, VP/Publisher of Gourmet.
Throughout the week, participating restaurants will offer special discounts and fixed-price menus with dinner seating from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. Kids 11 and under will pay their age, while adults and children 12 and over will pay $29.00 each. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Eastern Market and Miriam's Kitchen. Kids' Restaurant Week festivities kick off with the national launch event on June 13 at Eastern Market, on Capitol Hill neighborhood. The event, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., will feature cooking demonstrations, as well as food tastings with top chefs from other participating restaurants and culinary activities for kids.
For information on reservations and details on participating restaurants log on to kidsrestaurantweek.com. In addition families will also be able to make reservations online at Open Table (opentable.com) with the restaurants registered with the site.
"Kids' Restaurant Week gives parents a chance to enjoy a fun family night out while their children learn more about the food they're eating and where it comes from," said Victoria Isley, Sr. VP, marketing and communications, Destination DC. "We're excited to work with two great titles like Cookie and Gourmet to bring this program to Washington, DC and to give local families a chance to celebrate the end of the school year."
Cookie is a family lifestyle magazine published by Conde Nast Publications, tailored to the sensibilities of parents with young children. Catering to a mom with a contemporary lifestyle, it covers fashion, travel, food, health and nutrition, home, and beauty in a modern way, giving moms permission to retain their "premotherhood" sense of style and adventure. http://www.cookiemag.com/
Gourmet, the magazine of good living, celebrates the pleasures of dining, entertaining, and travel with an affluent and active audience of more than 5.8 million passionate readers each month. Gourmet is first to identify and report on America's changing epicurean landscape that will influence the way we eat, drink, and travel tomorrow. Gourmet presents authentic and unique experiences from around the globe, ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary, through award-winning journalism and photography by acclaimed writers and photographers. http://www.gourmet.com/
Destination DC serves as the lead organization to successfully manage and market Washington, DC as a premier global convention, tourism and special events destination, with a special emphasis on the arts, cultural and historical communities. By developing and executing centralized and cohesive sales and marketing strategies, Destination DC generates economic development for the city through tourism and meetings. For more information, please visit http://www.destinationdc.com/.
SOURCE Cookie Magazine and Gourmet Magazine

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The restaurants below were ordered shut last week by an Inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Its enough that we all have to deal with unprofessionalism in the Front of the House but do many of you realize just how "clean" your favorite restaurants really are. From Rats to Roaches and all the crap they leave behind and I am not talking food my friends. The Health department has some pretty foregiving figures as it comes to their grading system and just because an establishment has passed it in no way means that your safe...Here are some recent closings from last week...

5/5/09 Greater Miami Caterers/4001 N.W. 31st Avenue Miami RODENT AND ROACH ACTIVITY

5/6/09 Fings Cream/1831 S.W. 8th Street Miami ROACH ACTIVITY

5/6/09 Joy’s Rotti Shop/ 1235 N.W. 40th Avenue Lauderhill ROACH ACTIVITY

5/6/09 Le Bon Gout Restaurant/ 1600 N. Federal Highway Boynton Beach


5/7/09 New Canton/ 1825 S.W. 8th Street Miami ROACH ACTIVITY

5/8/09 Grille @ Winston Trails/ 6101 Winston trails Blvd. Lake Worth RODENT ACTIVITY

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just What we needed in the Grove???
Scheduled to open tomorrow in the former Too Too Tango spot will be the first of the proposed Chain of Crazy Piano's, as they have big plans in mind. I wish them all the best BUT the sherlock remembers there was another attempt at this concept not so many years back in the same or nearly the same address and that didnt work so what makes your concept different, what will the same manager do for your concept now, that he was inable to do for the other, in the time between did he get a degree on how to manage a restaurant properly-I hope so as all you out of towners thinking you can drop a few bucks and develop a concept you need to get a clue-I hope you have deep pockets as you will be needing to dig into that pocket often to cover your costs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ba Ba aba Boo Ya Jimmy

Great piece on the reality in the biz as fat chef emerill pulled it off big time as butter and pok fat rules especilly in a depresssion. We need more restaurant info as billion dollar industry is being killed by the market especially for those not lucky enogh to have Emerils success... From Prebottling, (Company owned by Martha Stewart Inc) to Name and rights agreements to opening and running high end operations he has his fingers on the trigger, which is why he earns what he does and will forever be known as the chef who made the Food Network what it has become today..Bamn and Booyah nothing better!!!
Where Everyone Knows Your Name
Yard House, a sprawling beer mecca with a gloriously excessive supply of taps, opening Sunday in Coral Gables.Make your way to this Village of Merrick Park newcomer and park your ass in to a stool at the oval-shaped bar and behold the mother lode—130 taps of pure, 100-percent, precisely cooled brews, from the Louisiana-brewed Abita Purple Haze, to the French Kronenbourg 1664, to London's Young's Oatmeal Stout. Oh I am counting the moments...And because nothing is better than a cold draft then some finger licking good food and the chef tells me you can feast on upscale bar eats like lobster, crab and artichoke dip, grilled Korean beef ribs and Southern fried chicken. Looks like the Villiages at merrick Park will be getting a winner and we the lucky ones just may have an upscale sports bar here in town whereby the beer is as good as the food!!
Essensia...Guilt free Glutony. The latest entree into the Organic/Healthy restauraunt mix recently has opened in the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach and welcoms diners to what is more like a living room rather than a restaurant as this is definately not the same old over the top SOBE scenerio, as this is a place you would want to take your mother..(Hint Hint) The menu is an ecclectic mix of not so healthy for you realities and entrees include wild, local Catch Of The Day fish with your choice of healthy prep (pan-roasted, poached, baked, or grilled) and finishes (Fla citrus aioli, blackened, meuniere, roasted red pepper coulis); hormone-free, rum-/spice-marinated pork tenderloin in a rum-raisin sauce, served over protein-packed quinoa; and duck breast glazed w/ thyme and local Tupelo honey, topped w/ grilled peaches have to say all sounds pretty good to me except stating that my preparation will be healthy-shouldnt it be, its not like the menu would read cross contaminated fish and chicken served with raw vegetables and undercooked mashed potatoes, I mean common folks...They also boast the foods that are used are of nutritional value, and market themselves as a lifestyle choice of restaurant...Thinking what I am thinking, if I wanted a lesson on nutrition I would ask, if I wanted spa food I would go to a spa (Think Cayon Ranch), I am not looking for double protein quinoa in a restaurant, I want to be overwhelmed with flavor and creativity so lets get away from this rediculousness and please tell me you will use this beautiful space to serve great real food as thats what we want and would be perfectly willing to walk up the beach to get it....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bahn Mi Where are where art Thou Vietnamese Sub

No the bánh mì (pronounced bun me) has come into its own, transcending its humble Chinatown origins and It’s fair to say, in fact, that the bánh mì is the new panini. Whats not to love fresh bread, vegetables and herbs, It’s easy to understand the Saigon sub’s appeal. It’s got flavor and textural contrasts that elude most others in its category. Made on a roll that traditionally incorporates rice flour to make it extra-light and crackly, especially when toasted, and baguette would be a welcomed substitue as we know how hard it is to get good bread in Florida. It’s got fatty meats, pickled carrots and daikon, fragrant cilantro, cool cucumber, and hot sauce or hot peppers or both. It’s usually got a cheap price tag, too. That’s probably why new bánh mì shops have been popping up all over NYC yet not a one has looked to open up here in the Magic city??? In this economy who wouldnt welcom a cheap street sandwich with gourmet appeal-So my journey begins as I look to find any worthy offerings here in South Florida...I will be reviewing my findings in the weeks to come until then I may just have to open up my very own Bahn Mi shop...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sellenium at the Setai??
Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time...With this weekend only being the biggest weekend in Horse racing its no surprise that the Setai couldnt have marketed the Polo matches on the beach any better, or did they....Talk about bad timing the recent daths of the Polo Horses in Wellington at the hand of the pharmacists due to an overdose of the drug sellenium makes one wonder if having a Polo match on the Beach in the hot sun is/was really a good idea-I mean 90', hot sun, 1000lb animals running after a small ball all so that some of us may enjoy a few afternoon drinks and shmoozing all dressed up in our finest linnen on the beach.. As anyone out there knows anyone who is realy into horses will be in Kentucky anyway paying homage to what is truly American, which is a far cry from the international import that Polo really is...I do hope that all goes as safe as possible and that the animals do not suffer this weekend on the beach, and that the promoters of this event truly think about next year and perhaps donating some of the proceeds to promote the safety rather than the exploitation of an American original.

Here We Go Again...More Steak...
Get ready get set Go...yet another steak restaurant is ready to set sail here in Sunny South Florida, yet this one has a name, a following, and not to mention hundreds of jelly Fish to go with it. The latest incarnation of the carnivors dream is brought to us by the highly acclaimed Philadelphia restauranteur Steven Star who gave us Morimotto as well as created many ofther "Star" restauarants in New York and in Philly. Now I am a big fan of Mr. Star, and have eaten in if not all but most of his restauarants and while I have to say they are very well done and well worth the price they yield, South Florida is not New York, and I guess not even Philadelphia, as you will soon come to realize, as I am a firm believer in the numbers and If his recent onslaught of help wanted ads is any indication as to his troubles yet to come...as well as the reality with the other recent out of town transplants to the area and the troubles they have walked into, this may just as well be another one of those big ticket items that will emerge and quickly be a memory of the SFla food scene. (Think Evolution) When will restauranteurs learn, stick with what you are good at and in this case its region-Creating over the top restaurants with amazing venues may work where a customer is willing to shell out big bucks but again this is sunny Sofla where half the people are tourists, the other half dont understand what good food is, half of them couldnt afford to eat out even one day a month and well the wealthy hire all the chefs for private work so what does that leave, the hotel guest or prisioner as I like to call them who has no other choice and or is too lazy to do some basic research to know they can get the same food for half the price down the road-ok well maybe there wont be a giant fish tank full of jell fish, and only a gold fish in a bowl but then again I wont have to pay out of my meal to feed them either...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Mothers Day
As Mothers day quickly approaches Local Restauranteurs are stepping up their advertising "A" game and taking a plunge into Marekting their restaurant for the all important numero uno dining out day of the year. The day when even the simplest of foods can be comprised into a "buffet" whereby the restaurant can double their normal offering price and we the public will gladly pay up as no one wants Mom to have to cook on her special day.
So who will be the standout, if this holiday is anything like Thanksgiving We are in trouble. A note to all of you looking to make a make this Mothers day, All I have to say is one word...KISS, or as we in the restaurant business say: Keep it Simple Stupid. Dont overwhelm with fancy foods that sit out on a buffet all day but rather spoil mom with the little things, go for the detail rather than attracting to the masses-Create a personalized menu geared toward Mom, the family and the moment they get to share together at the table-NOT ON THE BUFFET LINE...Lets see who is the risk takers this year, watch as I look and report in the days to come...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Monday

Got the Monday Blues do ya-well just think it could be worse if you are one of the many americans now waking up to th media Diluting the airwaves with this swine flu outbreak, I mean common, just because a few "spring Breakers" brought back some germs from Mexico it should be noted that they should have been prepared before they went over-remember the phrase "dont drink the water", well same as here...

All I can say is that with all this scare my daily post shall surely inspire as I as any interested foodie loves to take the advice of fellow foodies and seek out those destinations that recieve critical acclaim. It is with this in mind that I will set out on my weekly Blog spots, to judge for myself what you all have been saying, and add my Umami to the mix. I started my journey yesterday in venturing based on the Recent Miami herald article depicting Ernies BBQ in Ft. lauderdale as the real deal when it comes to Conch and BBQ and after finding this prescious hole in the wall I couldnt wait to taste what what was brewing inside. I loved this place, with its old florida charm, the smell of stale brew, and all the history that is pictured throught the walls. I chose to venture upstairs to the outdoor patio as I had heard the view was better up there, and while this was not the case I was pleased to sit amongst the many different people that frequent this bar/BBQ joint.

I started with a cold beer, and some conch friters while I pondered their overabundant menu of items, from the basic bar foods, from chicken wings to fingers, there is something for everyone but for me its all about the conch. It was on, as a longtime ex bahamian resident I know all about the mollusc and its preparation yet could nything compare to the mouthwatering delicasies that I awoken to each morning at the courtesy of The queen Percente, but hey this was just wishful thinking. Upon their arrival I had already washed down half my brew so ordered another and proceeded to go to town on my fritters, served with a spicy cocktail sauce and lemon I loved the tradition as I could smell and see the conch as I poped one into my mouth-it was heavenly, a bit airy and full of that fresh seafood flavor that I seldom experience in any other so called dough balls here in Miami, As I scarfed them all down in less that a few seconds I was eager for more as that salty taste got my buds all excited. Next I went for the Chowda, as this is what a true conoseur looks for-in this case I was more than impressed. Not to thick and not too runny it was the perfect blend between soup and chowder, sweet and tomato based with a hint of heat from the special peppers that I was told they used, as it definately gave this chowder its bite, and coupled with the succulent conch it was a real pleasure in the mouth and as comforting dipping the larger than life Bimini bread was a slice of fishing that beats work anyday. The only reserve I had and I know this is a rustic chowder but leaving the skins on the carrots is a no-no in any cuisine and only hope that it was a cooks oversight on this particular day.

Next it was on to the Q, and I opted for the pig roast platter with some pulled pork a half rack of ribs and I added on another half chicken just because I was there. My basket arrived and I was impressed with the warm BBQ sauce served on the side for my pulled port

k (In this case sliced), not what I was used to but the pork was juicy, and not fatty and paired perfectly with the tart onion vinegar BBQ sauce and oh how awesome was it on that Bimini Bread. Next I was knee deep in ribs, as the meat was slowly cooked to perfection, as I pulled each bite off the bone, it was as tender as any ribs I have ever had before, needless to say this puerco was stuffed, as my meal came with a basket of your average nothin much to write about Fries, and some creamy cole slaw yet it aint about the sides at ernies its about the Bread!!! Everything tastes even better on that bread, its a winner, and guess what they sell it by the loaf for the way home, so armed with chicken and leftovers in hand I just had to take me some home. Now the best part-for all that food and a few cold Lagerhead's the whole bill was under $25.00, a real bargain, and in this economy I couldnt believe it as I was and have been paying much higher prices for far less quality but hey thats the Miami thing right-If only more places would take a note from Ernie's, Good food, great value will keep them coming back for many years to come!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Post Bday Jimbo
In an era that forgets those maverics who have forged what is Miami, here is a legend, who celebrated his bday this past weekend, and while I was only there for a short while I felt the vibes the minute I entered the compound. For those who have never been Jimbo's is a page out of old florida, think flipper, and sandy beaches before all the concrete and thats what this dive bar hole in the wall is all about-no suits no attitudes no dudes trying to work their magic on all the Ho's lookin for a freebee this is the real thing, from smoked fish to pabst Blue ribbon its what made me move down here in the first place-oh my lord if only more places would take notes what a better world this could be...

Free Preview Lunch in Delray (Today)

Out with the old and in withe the new...Just what Delray needs another Italian Restaurant...Located in the recently evactuated City Limits space behind another new Italian entree to the downtown Delray Dining scene (Vic & Angleos') Il Bacio is set to open early May-yet we all know with permitting it just may be a little longer. This ultra-hip wanna be South Beach inspired restaurant has all the bells and whistles that one would find down in the land of the beautiful people situated along the RR tracks in Downtown Delray-think train watching vs people watching and if the demographics prove right thats what the elder crowd will be doing, as hip tapas even from a veteran chef from Bova restaurant in un-hip Delray doesnt mix...In a land where you are competing with penny pinchers I am only hoping the menu and the offerings will be respectful so that atleast give them a chance...I as ith all new restaurant/lounge ventures wish you luck, yet a hint to all you realtors out there-look for a vacant spot to be available at once again under market in Delray...

The group behind Graziano's restaurant and Market in Coral Gables are taking over the once and very briefly occupied space in the Lattitudes building that was Rybaks, off Brisckell avenue in Downtown Miami. While the former tennant failed to make any significant impression, in fact it openened and closed faster than anyother restaurant I can remember in recent years-but remember where you heard it first when it opened that I said the concept wouldnt fly and that the woners were in way over heir heads...What else is new its the same old story all over town, big eyes, big dreams and no money (Cashola) to back it up. Lets hope Graziano's people have what it takes as it would be a welcomed addittion to the area in which I live as currently I am sooo not impressed with the local pizza and offerrings that have sprouted up in the area-Having lunch today at the newly opened up outpost of Rosinella's newest Pizza jopint located right next to their other restaurant in Mary Brickell Villiage and if it is anything like mamma Rosinella's other establishements we could have a winner here-look for my review later today as again my blog is all about whats going on in the food Biz....Good Luck Graziano's as you will need it heading into the Long hot summer that we face here in the magic city-hopefully your takeover of this space wont be short lived, yet I feel that that area is a ghost town waiting to happen, but hey you heard it first here!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RECESSION BLUES I Think NOT....tables packed at area restaurants this passed weekend

$20.00 Thursday all the spoons you can eat not too mention three (3) drinks is just what the doctor ordered during this recession, or atleast thats what one would think but from the looks at the tables this past weekend from Sobe to MBV saw just the opposite, making me wonder just what recession as the wait at some of the local tables were in excess of 30 minutes, so touche and congrats to all of us who are weathering this serious downturn, maybe the end is near, although the summer is just upon the horizon, I say kudos to Jaguar and hope to see many others jumping on the value train to offer us locals what we so deserve for our continued patronage

In Tough Times We take rediculous Marketing approaches?? and whatever happened to their pasta???

Pizza Hut Seeks Twintern
Big food is getting a little desperate in its advertising these days — and we’re not just talking about burger porn, e-stalking, or (most recently) Kellogg’s dubious claim that Frosted Mini-Wheats improves attentiveness in kids. Pizza Hut is taking marketing to a truly absurd place by hiring a Twitter intern who will act as a “social media journalist, chronicling in 140 characters or less what’s going on at Pizza Hut.” Hmmm, you know who might just be good for this …

Monday, April 20, 2009

And its the best burger here in South Florida. Since its arrival a few months ago from the highly successful restaurant team that has brought us The city group and Rocco's Tacos comes the tastiest burger in town. Made from Organic beef (slightly higher price) this succulent burger was dripping with flavor, include the rich homemade brioche bun and your choice of some amazing toppings ( I opted for the bbq burger) none will disappoint. Even for you Ecoli hating carnivors I will aslo say that their turkey burger laced with herbs and spices and topped with avocado is an amazing healthier alternative-not too mention the bunless burger salad that for us carb conscious might find quite pleasing-As far as sides while not many they do compliment as the crispy perfectly seasoned fries outshined even the taudiest of other places that have recently entered the scene and the Onion rings, well they would make any southerner proud. Needless to say that for the craving and the product no matter where you are in South Florida Clematis isnt that far a drive-if only the parking were cheaper.

This weekend saw the Grand opening of the new Zushi Flirt at the Regent Hotel or should I say Crown property on Miami Beach. Ok for the record let me reiterate this in saying that this is not the first run of this wanna be sushi as sex restaurant whereby the names of the entrees are seductively named after your favorite khama sutra offerring..if only the food was as good as the ideas that they conjure up. From the "Miso Horney" soup to the octopussy delight let me tell you it was no delight to chew and chew and chew on this rubbery and overly salted sushi appetiser, and it went from bad to worse as the "Orgy" was more like a sumo event than an actually sensual festival as I don't need bulk amounts of food I just want food that tastes good, and in this instance this was not the case. Look for another quick exit back to New Jersey for this wanna bee trying so trying to add some life to a restaurant space that like the latter will soon look for another location, just remember where you heard it first-

Once twice three times and your out, isnt this the case in Baseball, well not in the food industry as within a month The Peppermill restaurant in The Waterways of Aventura has been shut down by the health department for a laundry list of violations, a list that has only been growing since the first closing back in March, then the second the next week, and now finally again with the third closing last week. When will the owner realize this type of publicity will only keep people away as if the waterways wasn't already a retail failure the last thing they need is the only real restaurant to be closed continually. I must say that for many of the rsidents in the area while the food was only so so the location and the serenity of the water was the reason they were loyal-now I know of atleast three long time patrons that will no longer be dining there-
This years Crawfish festival was truly a feat for the entire family, as the folks over at Tobacco Road surely know how to kick it up a few notches when it comes time to boil down that New Orleans specialty, and they were delish. Lots of smiling Happy people , dancing, throwing frisbees and listening to some amazing tunes all day long. Other than the trays of Crawfish the other food related offerrings did not live up to the usual tobacco road standards as the basic BBQ street food compared to a roadside fair, and not too mention the price for beverages, considering the amazing Friday 96c happy Hrs. I was I was better served going around te corner buying a cold 6 pack and sitting back and enjoying the music..See ya next year!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Will Work For food.......
I know times are tough enough for all of us especially for those of us who make a living or should I say scrape a living in the food industry. But for such an icon here in Florida to have to stir up business by recruiting a staff I mean common, not to mention the fact that this wannabee novice will have to shell out 195.00 to work with the master, common, better off applying at the back door as a dishwasher, heck I guarantee you will eat better than any front of the house guest as you can just walk into the refrigerator and sample who is watching??? Best bet save your money and watch the food network you will learn more and wont get injured...

Whats for Lunch?
Arnolds Royal castle...North Miami
Wanting to see what all the talk was about I headed North up 7th avenue, past all the now defunct auto dealers to find this burger institution. I must say I was actually excited, growing up on Murder burgers from White Castle on Long Island I was only hoping the experience would satisfy. Boy was I wrong....Coming from the "organized" world of the restaurant business I was first concerned in their manner in order taking only to yell out what I wanted from the menu board above. I went straight for what made them famous and ordered a six pack of cheeseburgers, half with Bacon ( I have to watch my sexy figure), a small fries and a small onion rings-who could resist not to mention a Birch beer (a huge plus)...Waiting and watching the burgers fly out in bakery boxes I was salivating like a dog...Finally after drinking half my soda my order finally arrived. Was this what I had pictured, after seeing al the postings-Not even close, the fries were different, as well the platters and while the cheeseburgers looked the same the only thing that came to my mind after opening the bun to add my condiments was that old Wendys commercial in the 80's remember the old lady asking where's The beef well do I have another job for her. Talk about all the bun you can eat, lets just say that this little patty barely covered the slider bun, it was like a grilled cheese with oions and thank god for them as it was the only flavor this meet actually had, as far as the fries and the rings well lets just say that the oil in the fryer shouldnt be the same color as the motor oil you discard from your car...Bottom line-search out the publix freezer and get the white castles and a microwave and you would be better served-not to mention not feel like your car is being robbed in the parking lot....