Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you build it half ass will they come?

What started out as a Grass roots efforth has unfortunately seen better pastures.
Seems that the restoration efforts that began for this landmark MIMO property
have hit some road blocks, and the dreams in bringing a farmers market to the area well...Market Company you obviously win...

While I have been saying that the owners concept and idea would not make it from its inception. Yesterday confirmed what The Sherlock listed as one of the next closings in the
Miami food scene. Knowing that it was closed the previous two weekends
I was in the neighborhood so drove in only to see a sign "Closed for Improvements".
I mean common we all in the restaurant Biz knows what this means in reality! I needed
to see first hand and sure enough everything inside was still in its place-
like it was a ghost town, No work permits in the windows and no evidence of any
work being done. There were no other cars in the parking lot and no one to be found
to inquire with, so again leaves you to wonder?

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