Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brick Oven Wash-Out

As the pizza craze "crawls" its way throught south Florida in much the same way we witnessed the "Steak" craze and now the ever-present Burger romp, I once again had to see where one of the originals faired and unfortunately all the newcomers are blowing them out of the water. I was/am a big fan of Andiamo in many ways as it was a great idea, an amazing location, and a great anchor which has added to the revitalization of what was a crack swoon neighborhood. I had high hopes with the merging of Frankies grill and had hoped that it would have improved what was the pizza restaurants one main fropa and that was the service as I think they hired many of those crack adicts as part of the city's allowing them to referbish a landmark as they did. In either case, not only did the service NOT improve but I believe they promoted the bad servers to cooks as now the pizza is no longer the same. From prosciutto that is cut as thick as fat slab bacon, to wilted and discolored arugula, to the dough which tasted as if they were recycling Leo's water for their crsut, needless to say this food detective was not impressed. Its too bad, as I was a huge fan and as a transplanted NYer I did love to have that pizza around, and now in light that we have atleast 10 opportunities within a twenty mile radious I have to say Mr. Soyka better think of his next incantation to his culinary empire.

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