Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eos Where R You

Tucked away on the 15th floor of the Viceroy hotel, and I do mean tucked away as in looking for this restaurant I was lost in a maze without direction..Once I located the small but pretentious waiters stand I knew I had found what I was looking for. The restaurant itself is as swanky as all the money that went into it and is truly representative of the over the top waste of money that Jeorge put in to his Iconic wasteland..It is designed by Hollywood glamour girl Kelly Wearstler and exhibits her trademark flair for sumptuous materials and quirky colors and not too mention her flair for spending other peoples money in excess...Upon arrival on a Tuesday night I was asked if I had a reservation like that matters in this economy, as they proceeded to test my Patience in even asking me...We were escorted to our table and once settled the waiter who was quite courteous and knowledgeable took our drink order and asked if we had been there before or if we had any questions in his explanation of the menu..Now I aint gonna bore you with all that critique as yes the menu was laid out in sections...Blah Blah Blah-lets just say the writing and the layout had me interested even knowing beforehand what I was going to order...After perusing the menu I opeted for exactly what I came for and with that said I will say 3 of 5 dishes were worth the experience the other 2 you can have-

I will begin with what was worth it...The Lamb a land where steak is everywhere it was great to taste something as tender and tasty as this tart tar. Everything including the pita was spot on my only dis is the fact that I needed more pita..hint hint...Next...smoked Octopus-while a bit chewy (as is the norm) the flavor here was spectacular and the pineapple dice made it that much better....Lastly...The about a landmark in a town with none-this one alone puts this place on the culinary map-a perfect fusion of flavor and the egg yold well adds a dash of elegance that again no one in Miami has a clue with...Kudos to this one...

Now for the not so great....and this one left me quite surprised and could be the demise of an otherwise we are talking cviche' as both choices lacked flavor, depth and any hint of Miami, the fish was rubberry and the soup was basically a lime juice coctail minus any liquor...Funny how aweful it was considering we are all about raw fish cooked in Limes here in Miami...Note stick to GREEK, mediterranean and you will succeed if not it will be a long hot summer for all and since the chef already hates Miami I know he already has a ticket back to NYC-

Bottom Line-go and try, for the price you get a value and if you navigate around the ceviche you are in for a culinary treat...

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