Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye Icon and I am not talking condo's

How sad is it when one of americas divas has to deal with and succumb to what is the american nightmare. As a cancer survivor myslef the sherlock knows just how difficult it is to share deal with and live life compelled with this disease, and while this detective is in a management stage it still hurts when an icon of our childhood has to deal with and above all share her ordeal with those uneducated who need a real kick in the ass!! to see her in pain and to listen to the reality is too much to bear so I must contend, while the media plays its own role that her passing is a good thing as you wouldnt want to A. live with this reality and watch those around you have to deal with your deterioration-Farrah is and will always be the first real angel in my life and while there are others she still desreves and demands the respect of the American public who not so long agao made her our sweetheart!
Michael Michael Michael theres too many people cryin-Michael Michael Michael there are to many people dyin.. On this day we look to euthanize and pay respects, as it a bigger person to understand just how important and inspirational your life was no matter what he media portrayed you as in later days. You are and will always be a legend and your passing will classify itself in the realm of the true American Icon-Marilyn, Elvis, Jimmy D, John Lennon, and now you-god speed to you my very disturbed brotha as life while quite kind was very cruel and know one knew that like you-As a media icn your real life struggles were your downfall not too mention the reality from Joe daddy and all involved. All the chef can say is thank you, thank you for the memories, form ABC to Ivory you were the man, you put it out there when others only wished they could Life has a funny way to represent and too be honest better to go loved than hated-remember a few years ago-now your legendary icon status is in tact again my wanna be white brotha rest in piece...

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