Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mango shoobie doobie doo

Damn how frekin lucky are I drive around town I see limbs bellowing with the most succulent of all delicasies so I pull over and in my only plight as a criminal pick the fruits that are left only to drop to the earth and wither away wasting it sculinary godlikeness!!! Oh Mango how we love thee from from Susser to Mitello, from Norman to the memories conjur culinary greatness...But what about the avg. joe-the carlos' and the joneys who slave everyday perfecting their craft and utilizing this Gift of nature...hail you damn sweet and succulent mango as forever you will be the highlight of all floribbean no matter where you came from nor what you will will always be the measure of all to be in sfl cuisine....damn am I a poet!??? NAHHHHH

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