Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reclaiming "The Spot"

When I first heard that there was this new spot opening up on south beach for some tasty Po Boys my taste buds perked, as all my friends know how much I love a good po boy-(shout out to dombelise in New Orleans. ) The fact that there werent any real authentic sandwiches to be had I was intrigued no let alone excited. So today for lunch knowing I was going to be on the beach I made my way over and what I found was quite impressive yet a bit nostalgic and frustrating. As far as the food goes, here I have no issues and would reccommend this place for anyone who craves some tasty fried seafood, sandwiched between a deliscious roll, smothered with spicy cajun mayonaisse, dill pickles and shredded lettuce-at one point I even closed my eyes as the sounds of the Neville Brothers told me that this was the real deal.

My issue was with the fact that yes this was in fact "the Spot", so named and not just a spot so to speak whereby you can great great sandwiches. And you say why Sherlock-whats the difference-well to us "old Timers" there will and can only be "one SPOT" on Miami beach and its long gone now-talk about an institution-Just ask Mickey Rourke as he and the rest of us regulars were like bar stools in a dirty bar with a line stretching way onto collins just to get in-As Archie Bunker would sing " Boy those were the days"-Girls on tables, cheap booze-and of course the perverbial Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll that truly made Sobe what it is today all thoise years ago-so to this new spot I say kudos to the food yet loose the name and respect the spot that came before and that will live on long after your restaurant becomes just another moment in Sobe culinary history.

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