Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out with the Just Recently Opened, In with the soon to be relocated:

Remember where you heard it first food fans and cynics alike, Zushi Flirt the second incantation of the wanna be sushi restaurant from New Jersey, did a M*A*S*H bug out very recently in evacuating what is the failed outspot at Table 8 located in the soon to change names again Hotel at 16th and Collins. The Sherlock loves the perverbial "I told You So.." and while the sherlock would love to give credit where credit is due this is sedom the case here in the Magic City.
It Turns out that Miso Horney and all the other sexual oriented offerrings once again didnt make the cut even amongst all the sexual deviants among us-Once again proving that it takes more than just a catchy play on words to make quality food.

So what will become of the "Ghost spot" that has sooo much potential, and what of the wy too large to pay the rent burger bar on Alton Road. Hey leave it to the sherlock once again as it would be too bad to let Govin Go as while he really isnt here his concepts are and as far as I am concerned his team needs to get a clue-think smaller space-definately beer on tap and a do-able rent reality. Even if the space is small what do you need to make a burger-One location on the beach is all you need want to expand-go design district for second-Follow the successes of those who know and dont let those who dont run the concept.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cookie and Gourmet Launch First-Ever Kids' Restaurant Week in Washington D.C.

June 13-21, 2009
Top Restaurants in DC to Participate in New Promotion Sponsored by Destination DC
NEW YORK, May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Two Conde Nast publications--Cookie, the lifestyle magazine for the modern mom, and Gourmet, the magazine of good living--jointly announced that they will unveil the first-ever Kids' Restaurant Week in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the joys of eating out as a family.
Destination DC, the official convention and tourism corporation for the nation's capital, and Pure Via, the all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener, sponsor this inaugural Kids' Restaurant Week.
Carolyn Kremins, VP/publisher of Cookie, says, "Meals are an important time for families to spend together, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them this unique experience."
From June 13 through June 21, families with young children will have the opportunity to enjoy fine family dining at some of the best restaurants in Washington D.C., including Art & Soul, Asia Nine, Beacon Street Bar & Grill, Cafe du Parc, Firefly, Juniper at the Fairmont, Mie N Yu, M Street Bar & Grill, Palette at Loews, The Hay-Adams and Zola. "This program is a great opportunity for children to have fun trying new foods while learning to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime," says Nancy Berger Cardone, VP/Publisher of Gourmet.
Throughout the week, participating restaurants will offer special discounts and fixed-price menus with dinner seating from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. Kids 11 and under will pay their age, while adults and children 12 and over will pay $29.00 each. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Eastern Market and Miriam's Kitchen. Kids' Restaurant Week festivities kick off with the national launch event on June 13 at Eastern Market, on Capitol Hill neighborhood. The event, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., will feature cooking demonstrations, as well as food tastings with top chefs from other participating restaurants and culinary activities for kids.
For information on reservations and details on participating restaurants log on to In addition families will also be able to make reservations online at Open Table ( with the restaurants registered with the site.
"Kids' Restaurant Week gives parents a chance to enjoy a fun family night out while their children learn more about the food they're eating and where it comes from," said Victoria Isley, Sr. VP, marketing and communications, Destination DC. "We're excited to work with two great titles like Cookie and Gourmet to bring this program to Washington, DC and to give local families a chance to celebrate the end of the school year."
Cookie is a family lifestyle magazine published by Conde Nast Publications, tailored to the sensibilities of parents with young children. Catering to a mom with a contemporary lifestyle, it covers fashion, travel, food, health and nutrition, home, and beauty in a modern way, giving moms permission to retain their "premotherhood" sense of style and adventure.
Gourmet, the magazine of good living, celebrates the pleasures of dining, entertaining, and travel with an affluent and active audience of more than 5.8 million passionate readers each month. Gourmet is first to identify and report on America's changing epicurean landscape that will influence the way we eat, drink, and travel tomorrow. Gourmet presents authentic and unique experiences from around the globe, ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary, through award-winning journalism and photography by acclaimed writers and photographers.
Destination DC serves as the lead organization to successfully manage and market Washington, DC as a premier global convention, tourism and special events destination, with a special emphasis on the arts, cultural and historical communities. By developing and executing centralized and cohesive sales and marketing strategies, Destination DC generates economic development for the city through tourism and meetings. For more information, please visit
SOURCE Cookie Magazine and Gourmet Magazine

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The restaurants below were ordered shut last week by an Inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Its enough that we all have to deal with unprofessionalism in the Front of the House but do many of you realize just how "clean" your favorite restaurants really are. From Rats to Roaches and all the crap they leave behind and I am not talking food my friends. The Health department has some pretty foregiving figures as it comes to their grading system and just because an establishment has passed it in no way means that your safe...Here are some recent closings from last week...

5/5/09 Greater Miami Caterers/4001 N.W. 31st Avenue Miami RODENT AND ROACH ACTIVITY

5/6/09 Fings Cream/1831 S.W. 8th Street Miami ROACH ACTIVITY

5/6/09 Joy’s Rotti Shop/ 1235 N.W. 40th Avenue Lauderhill ROACH ACTIVITY

5/6/09 Le Bon Gout Restaurant/ 1600 N. Federal Highway Boynton Beach


5/7/09 New Canton/ 1825 S.W. 8th Street Miami ROACH ACTIVITY

5/8/09 Grille @ Winston Trails/ 6101 Winston trails Blvd. Lake Worth RODENT ACTIVITY

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just What we needed in the Grove???
Scheduled to open tomorrow in the former Too Too Tango spot will be the first of the proposed Chain of Crazy Piano's, as they have big plans in mind. I wish them all the best BUT the sherlock remembers there was another attempt at this concept not so many years back in the same or nearly the same address and that didnt work so what makes your concept different, what will the same manager do for your concept now, that he was inable to do for the other, in the time between did he get a degree on how to manage a restaurant properly-I hope so as all you out of towners thinking you can drop a few bucks and develop a concept you need to get a clue-I hope you have deep pockets as you will be needing to dig into that pocket often to cover your costs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ba Ba aba Boo Ya Jimmy

Great piece on the reality in the biz as fat chef emerill pulled it off big time as butter and pok fat rules especilly in a depresssion. We need more restaurant info as billion dollar industry is being killed by the market especially for those not lucky enogh to have Emerils success... From Prebottling, (Company owned by Martha Stewart Inc) to Name and rights agreements to opening and running high end operations he has his fingers on the trigger, which is why he earns what he does and will forever be known as the chef who made the Food Network what it has become today..Bamn and Booyah nothing better!!!
Where Everyone Knows Your Name
Yard House, a sprawling beer mecca with a gloriously excessive supply of taps, opening Sunday in Coral Gables.Make your way to this Village of Merrick Park newcomer and park your ass in to a stool at the oval-shaped bar and behold the mother lode—130 taps of pure, 100-percent, precisely cooled brews, from the Louisiana-brewed Abita Purple Haze, to the French Kronenbourg 1664, to London's Young's Oatmeal Stout. Oh I am counting the moments...And because nothing is better than a cold draft then some finger licking good food and the chef tells me you can feast on upscale bar eats like lobster, crab and artichoke dip, grilled Korean beef ribs and Southern fried chicken. Looks like the Villiages at merrick Park will be getting a winner and we the lucky ones just may have an upscale sports bar here in town whereby the beer is as good as the food!!
Essensia...Guilt free Glutony. The latest entree into the Organic/Healthy restauraunt mix recently has opened in the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach and welcoms diners to what is more like a living room rather than a restaurant as this is definately not the same old over the top SOBE scenerio, as this is a place you would want to take your mother..(Hint Hint) The menu is an ecclectic mix of not so healthy for you realities and entrees include wild, local Catch Of The Day fish with your choice of healthy prep (pan-roasted, poached, baked, or grilled) and finishes (Fla citrus aioli, blackened, meuniere, roasted red pepper coulis); hormone-free, rum-/spice-marinated pork tenderloin in a rum-raisin sauce, served over protein-packed quinoa; and duck breast glazed w/ thyme and local Tupelo honey, topped w/ grilled peaches have to say all sounds pretty good to me except stating that my preparation will be healthy-shouldnt it be, its not like the menu would read cross contaminated fish and chicken served with raw vegetables and undercooked mashed potatoes, I mean common folks...They also boast the foods that are used are of nutritional value, and market themselves as a lifestyle choice of restaurant...Thinking what I am thinking, if I wanted a lesson on nutrition I would ask, if I wanted spa food I would go to a spa (Think Cayon Ranch), I am not looking for double protein quinoa in a restaurant, I want to be overwhelmed with flavor and creativity so lets get away from this rediculousness and please tell me you will use this beautiful space to serve great real food as thats what we want and would be perfectly willing to walk up the beach to get it....