Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Essensia...Guilt free Glutony. The latest entree into the Organic/Healthy restauraunt mix recently has opened in the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach and welcoms diners to what is more like a living room rather than a restaurant as this is definately not the same old over the top SOBE scenerio, as this is a place you would want to take your mother..(Hint Hint) The menu is an ecclectic mix of not so healthy for you realities and entrees include wild, local Catch Of The Day fish with your choice of healthy prep (pan-roasted, poached, baked, or grilled) and finishes (Fla citrus aioli, blackened, meuniere, roasted red pepper coulis); hormone-free, rum-/spice-marinated pork tenderloin in a rum-raisin sauce, served over protein-packed quinoa; and duck breast glazed w/ thyme and local Tupelo honey, topped w/ grilled peaches have to say all sounds pretty good to me except stating that my preparation will be healthy-shouldnt it be, its not like the menu would read cross contaminated fish and chicken served with raw vegetables and undercooked mashed potatoes, I mean common folks...They also boast the foods that are used are of nutritional value, and market themselves as a lifestyle choice of restaurant...Thinking what I am thinking, if I wanted a lesson on nutrition I would ask, if I wanted spa food I would go to a spa (Think Cayon Ranch), I am not looking for double protein quinoa in a restaurant, I want to be overwhelmed with flavor and creativity so lets get away from this rediculousness and please tell me you will use this beautiful space to serve great real food as thats what we want and would be perfectly willing to walk up the beach to get it....

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