Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mango shoobie doobie doo

Damn how frekin lucky are I drive around town I see limbs bellowing with the most succulent of all delicasies so I pull over and in my only plight as a criminal pick the fruits that are left only to drop to the earth and wither away wasting it sculinary godlikeness!!! Oh Mango how we love thee from from Susser to Mitello, from Norman to the memories conjur culinary greatness...But what about the avg. joe-the carlos' and the joneys who slave everyday perfecting their craft and utilizing this Gift of nature...hail you damn sweet and succulent mango as forever you will be the highlight of all floribbean no matter where you came from nor what you will will always be the measure of all to be in sfl cuisine....damn am I a poet!??? NAHHHHH

Goodbye Icon and I am not talking condo's

How sad is it when one of americas divas has to deal with and succumb to what is the american nightmare. As a cancer survivor myslef the sherlock knows just how difficult it is to share deal with and live life compelled with this disease, and while this detective is in a management stage it still hurts when an icon of our childhood has to deal with and above all share her ordeal with those uneducated who need a real kick in the ass!! to see her in pain and to listen to the reality is too much to bear so I must contend, while the media plays its own role that her passing is a good thing as you wouldnt want to A. live with this reality and watch those around you have to deal with your deterioration-Farrah is and will always be the first real angel in my life and while there are others she still desreves and demands the respect of the American public who not so long agao made her our sweetheart!
Michael Michael Michael theres too many people cryin-Michael Michael Michael there are to many people dyin.. On this day we look to euthanize and pay respects, as it a bigger person to understand just how important and inspirational your life was no matter what he media portrayed you as in later days. You are and will always be a legend and your passing will classify itself in the realm of the true American Icon-Marilyn, Elvis, Jimmy D, John Lennon, and now you-god speed to you my very disturbed brotha as life while quite kind was very cruel and know one knew that like you-As a media icn your real life struggles were your downfall not too mention the reality from Joe daddy and all involved. All the chef can say is thank you, thank you for the memories, form ABC to Ivory you were the man, you put it out there when others only wished they could Life has a funny way to represent and too be honest better to go loved than hated-remember a few years ago-now your legendary icon status is in tact again my wanna be white brotha rest in piece...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brick Oven Wash-Out

As the pizza craze "crawls" its way throught south Florida in much the same way we witnessed the "Steak" craze and now the ever-present Burger romp, I once again had to see where one of the originals faired and unfortunately all the newcomers are blowing them out of the water. I was/am a big fan of Andiamo in many ways as it was a great idea, an amazing location, and a great anchor which has added to the revitalization of what was a crack swoon neighborhood. I had high hopes with the merging of Frankies grill and had hoped that it would have improved what was the pizza restaurants one main fropa and that was the service as I think they hired many of those crack adicts as part of the city's allowing them to referbish a landmark as they did. In either case, not only did the service NOT improve but I believe they promoted the bad servers to cooks as now the pizza is no longer the same. From prosciutto that is cut as thick as fat slab bacon, to wilted and discolored arugula, to the dough which tasted as if they were recycling Leo's water for their crsut, needless to say this food detective was not impressed. Its too bad, as I was a huge fan and as a transplanted NYer I did love to have that pizza around, and now in light that we have atleast 10 opportunities within a twenty mile radious I have to say Mr. Soyka better think of his next incantation to his culinary empire.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you build it half ass will they come?

What started out as a Grass roots efforth has unfortunately seen better pastures.
Seems that the restoration efforts that began for this landmark MIMO property
have hit some road blocks, and the dreams in bringing a farmers market to the area well...Market Company you obviously win...

While I have been saying that the owners concept and idea would not make it from its inception. Yesterday confirmed what The Sherlock listed as one of the next closings in the
Miami food scene. Knowing that it was closed the previous two weekends
I was in the neighborhood so drove in only to see a sign "Closed for Improvements".
I mean common we all in the restaurant Biz knows what this means in reality! I needed
to see first hand and sure enough everything inside was still in its place-
like it was a ghost town, No work permits in the windows and no evidence of any
work being done. There were no other cars in the parking lot and no one to be found
to inquire with, so again leaves you to wonder?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reclaiming "The Spot"

When I first heard that there was this new spot opening up on south beach for some tasty Po Boys my taste buds perked, as all my friends know how much I love a good po boy-(shout out to dombelise in New Orleans. ) The fact that there werent any real authentic sandwiches to be had I was intrigued no let alone excited. So today for lunch knowing I was going to be on the beach I made my way over and what I found was quite impressive yet a bit nostalgic and frustrating. As far as the food goes, here I have no issues and would reccommend this place for anyone who craves some tasty fried seafood, sandwiched between a deliscious roll, smothered with spicy cajun mayonaisse, dill pickles and shredded lettuce-at one point I even closed my eyes as the sounds of the Neville Brothers told me that this was the real deal.

My issue was with the fact that yes this was in fact "the Spot", so named and not just a spot so to speak whereby you can great great sandwiches. And you say why Sherlock-whats the difference-well to us "old Timers" there will and can only be "one SPOT" on Miami beach and its long gone now-talk about an institution-Just ask Mickey Rourke as he and the rest of us regulars were like bar stools in a dirty bar with a line stretching way onto collins just to get in-As Archie Bunker would sing " Boy those were the days"-Girls on tables, cheap booze-and of course the perverbial Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll that truly made Sobe what it is today all thoise years ago-so to this new spot I say kudos to the food yet loose the name and respect the spot that came before and that will live on long after your restaurant becomes just another moment in Sobe culinary history.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple Restaurant the newest wanna be to grace us with its culinary presence has yet to open on South Beach and its already causing quite the rift between the owners. What was to be the second outpost for nepotistic young chef Ogden who by proxy gained notoriety because of dear ol dad-and with that reeled in some investors looking to capitalize on his chef-celebrity. Well what is being sold through a public relations cover up the owners are declaring their delayed opening on the weather..HA!! hey this isnt even going to be an outdoor restaurant or even be near water so what they hell are they trying to pull. The reality is that there is a major lawsuit between the partners who claim that the other misled them and falsified records and property valuations as well as the preliminary P & L needs for the opening. All fancy fancy restaurant talk for the fact that one guy lied and swindled the other or in other words your typical Miami business deal. Glad to see even in this recession Miami is still living up to its criminal steryotype..The Magic city is just that just make sure you realize what is real and what is Magic???

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eos Where R You

Tucked away on the 15th floor of the Viceroy hotel, and I do mean tucked away as in looking for this restaurant I was lost in a maze without direction..Once I located the small but pretentious waiters stand I knew I had found what I was looking for. The restaurant itself is as swanky as all the money that went into it and is truly representative of the over the top waste of money that Jeorge put in to his Iconic wasteland..It is designed by Hollywood glamour girl Kelly Wearstler and exhibits her trademark flair for sumptuous materials and quirky colors and not too mention her flair for spending other peoples money in excess...Upon arrival on a Tuesday night I was asked if I had a reservation like that matters in this economy, as they proceeded to test my Patience in even asking me...We were escorted to our table and once settled the waiter who was quite courteous and knowledgeable took our drink order and asked if we had been there before or if we had any questions in his explanation of the menu..Now I aint gonna bore you with all that critique as yes the menu was laid out in sections...Blah Blah Blah-lets just say the writing and the layout had me interested even knowing beforehand what I was going to order...After perusing the menu I opeted for exactly what I came for and with that said I will say 3 of 5 dishes were worth the experience the other 2 you can have-

I will begin with what was worth it...The Lamb a land where steak is everywhere it was great to taste something as tender and tasty as this tart tar. Everything including the pita was spot on my only dis is the fact that I needed more pita..hint hint...Next...smoked Octopus-while a bit chewy (as is the norm) the flavor here was spectacular and the pineapple dice made it that much better....Lastly...The about a landmark in a town with none-this one alone puts this place on the culinary map-a perfect fusion of flavor and the egg yold well adds a dash of elegance that again no one in Miami has a clue with...Kudos to this one...

Now for the not so great....and this one left me quite surprised and could be the demise of an otherwise we are talking cviche' as both choices lacked flavor, depth and any hint of Miami, the fish was rubberry and the soup was basically a lime juice coctail minus any liquor...Funny how aweful it was considering we are all about raw fish cooked in Limes here in Miami...Note stick to GREEK, mediterranean and you will succeed if not it will be a long hot summer for all and since the chef already hates Miami I know he already has a ticket back to NYC-

Bottom Line-go and try, for the price you get a value and if you navigate around the ceviche you are in for a culinary treat...