Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple Restaurant the newest wanna be to grace us with its culinary presence has yet to open on South Beach and its already causing quite the rift between the owners. What was to be the second outpost for nepotistic young chef Ogden who by proxy gained notoriety because of dear ol dad-and with that reeled in some investors looking to capitalize on his chef-celebrity. Well what is being sold through a public relations cover up the owners are declaring their delayed opening on the weather..HA!! hey this isnt even going to be an outdoor restaurant or even be near water so what they hell are they trying to pull. The reality is that there is a major lawsuit between the partners who claim that the other misled them and falsified records and property valuations as well as the preliminary P & L needs for the opening. All fancy fancy restaurant talk for the fact that one guy lied and swindled the other or in other words your typical Miami business deal. Glad to see even in this recession Miami is still living up to its criminal steryotype..The Magic city is just that just make sure you realize what is real and what is Magic???

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