Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bahn Mi Where are where art Thou Vietnamese Sub

No the bánh mì (pronounced bun me) has come into its own, transcending its humble Chinatown origins and It’s fair to say, in fact, that the bánh mì is the new panini. Whats not to love fresh bread, vegetables and herbs, It’s easy to understand the Saigon sub’s appeal. It’s got flavor and textural contrasts that elude most others in its category. Made on a roll that traditionally incorporates rice flour to make it extra-light and crackly, especially when toasted, and baguette would be a welcomed substitue as we know how hard it is to get good bread in Florida. It’s got fatty meats, pickled carrots and daikon, fragrant cilantro, cool cucumber, and hot sauce or hot peppers or both. It’s usually got a cheap price tag, too. That’s probably why new bánh mì shops have been popping up all over NYC yet not a one has looked to open up here in the Magic city??? In this economy who wouldnt welcom a cheap street sandwich with gourmet appeal-So my journey begins as I look to find any worthy offerings here in South Florida...I will be reviewing my findings in the weeks to come until then I may just have to open up my very own Bahn Mi shop...

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