Monday, April 20, 2009

Once twice three times and your out, isnt this the case in Baseball, well not in the food industry as within a month The Peppermill restaurant in The Waterways of Aventura has been shut down by the health department for a laundry list of violations, a list that has only been growing since the first closing back in March, then the second the next week, and now finally again with the third closing last week. When will the owner realize this type of publicity will only keep people away as if the waterways wasn't already a retail failure the last thing they need is the only real restaurant to be closed continually. I must say that for many of the rsidents in the area while the food was only so so the location and the serenity of the water was the reason they were loyal-now I know of atleast three long time patrons that will no longer be dining there-

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