Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The group behind Graziano's restaurant and Market in Coral Gables are taking over the once and very briefly occupied space in the Lattitudes building that was Rybaks, off Brisckell avenue in Downtown Miami. While the former tennant failed to make any significant impression, in fact it openened and closed faster than anyother restaurant I can remember in recent years-but remember where you heard it first when it opened that I said the concept wouldnt fly and that the woners were in way over heir heads...What else is new its the same old story all over town, big eyes, big dreams and no money (Cashola) to back it up. Lets hope Graziano's people have what it takes as it would be a welcomed addittion to the area in which I live as currently I am sooo not impressed with the local pizza and offerrings that have sprouted up in the area-Having lunch today at the newly opened up outpost of Rosinella's newest Pizza jopint located right next to their other restaurant in Mary Brickell Villiage and if it is anything like mamma Rosinella's other establishements we could have a winner here-look for my review later today as again my blog is all about whats going on in the food Biz....Good Luck Graziano's as you will need it heading into the Long hot summer that we face here in the magic city-hopefully your takeover of this space wont be short lived, yet I feel that that area is a ghost town waiting to happen, but hey you heard it first here!!

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