Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sellenium at the Setai??
Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time...With this weekend only being the biggest weekend in Horse racing its no surprise that the Setai couldnt have marketed the Polo matches on the beach any better, or did they....Talk about bad timing the recent daths of the Polo Horses in Wellington at the hand of the pharmacists due to an overdose of the drug sellenium makes one wonder if having a Polo match on the Beach in the hot sun is/was really a good idea-I mean 90', hot sun, 1000lb animals running after a small ball all so that some of us may enjoy a few afternoon drinks and shmoozing all dressed up in our finest linnen on the beach.. As anyone out there knows anyone who is realy into horses will be in Kentucky anyway paying homage to what is truly American, which is a far cry from the international import that Polo really is...I do hope that all goes as safe as possible and that the animals do not suffer this weekend on the beach, and that the promoters of this event truly think about next year and perhaps donating some of the proceeds to promote the safety rather than the exploitation of an American original.

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