Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Monday

Got the Monday Blues do ya-well just think it could be worse if you are one of the many americans now waking up to th media Diluting the airwaves with this swine flu outbreak, I mean common, just because a few "spring Breakers" brought back some germs from Mexico it should be noted that they should have been prepared before they went over-remember the phrase "dont drink the water", well same as here...

All I can say is that with all this scare my daily post shall surely inspire as I as any interested foodie loves to take the advice of fellow foodies and seek out those destinations that recieve critical acclaim. It is with this in mind that I will set out on my weekly Blog spots, to judge for myself what you all have been saying, and add my Umami to the mix. I started my journey yesterday in venturing based on the Recent Miami herald article depicting Ernies BBQ in Ft. lauderdale as the real deal when it comes to Conch and BBQ and after finding this prescious hole in the wall I couldnt wait to taste what what was brewing inside. I loved this place, with its old florida charm, the smell of stale brew, and all the history that is pictured throught the walls. I chose to venture upstairs to the outdoor patio as I had heard the view was better up there, and while this was not the case I was pleased to sit amongst the many different people that frequent this bar/BBQ joint.

I started with a cold beer, and some conch friters while I pondered their overabundant menu of items, from the basic bar foods, from chicken wings to fingers, there is something for everyone but for me its all about the conch. It was on, as a longtime ex bahamian resident I know all about the mollusc and its preparation yet could nything compare to the mouthwatering delicasies that I awoken to each morning at the courtesy of The queen Percente, but hey this was just wishful thinking. Upon their arrival I had already washed down half my brew so ordered another and proceeded to go to town on my fritters, served with a spicy cocktail sauce and lemon I loved the tradition as I could smell and see the conch as I poped one into my mouth-it was heavenly, a bit airy and full of that fresh seafood flavor that I seldom experience in any other so called dough balls here in Miami, As I scarfed them all down in less that a few seconds I was eager for more as that salty taste got my buds all excited. Next I went for the Chowda, as this is what a true conoseur looks for-in this case I was more than impressed. Not to thick and not too runny it was the perfect blend between soup and chowder, sweet and tomato based with a hint of heat from the special peppers that I was told they used, as it definately gave this chowder its bite, and coupled with the succulent conch it was a real pleasure in the mouth and as comforting dipping the larger than life Bimini bread was a slice of fishing that beats work anyday. The only reserve I had and I know this is a rustic chowder but leaving the skins on the carrots is a no-no in any cuisine and only hope that it was a cooks oversight on this particular day.

Next it was on to the Q, and I opted for the pig roast platter with some pulled pork a half rack of ribs and I added on another half chicken just because I was there. My basket arrived and I was impressed with the warm BBQ sauce served on the side for my pulled port

k (In this case sliced), not what I was used to but the pork was juicy, and not fatty and paired perfectly with the tart onion vinegar BBQ sauce and oh how awesome was it on that Bimini Bread. Next I was knee deep in ribs, as the meat was slowly cooked to perfection, as I pulled each bite off the bone, it was as tender as any ribs I have ever had before, needless to say this puerco was stuffed, as my meal came with a basket of your average nothin much to write about Fries, and some creamy cole slaw yet it aint about the sides at ernies its about the Bread!!! Everything tastes even better on that bread, its a winner, and guess what they sell it by the loaf for the way home, so armed with chicken and leftovers in hand I just had to take me some home. Now the best part-for all that food and a few cold Lagerhead's the whole bill was under $25.00, a real bargain, and in this economy I couldnt believe it as I was and have been paying much higher prices for far less quality but hey thats the Miami thing right-If only more places would take a note from Ernie's, Good food, great value will keep them coming back for many years to come!!!

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