Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Mothers Day
As Mothers day quickly approaches Local Restauranteurs are stepping up their advertising "A" game and taking a plunge into Marekting their restaurant for the all important numero uno dining out day of the year. The day when even the simplest of foods can be comprised into a "buffet" whereby the restaurant can double their normal offering price and we the public will gladly pay up as no one wants Mom to have to cook on her special day.
So who will be the standout, if this holiday is anything like Thanksgiving We are in trouble. A note to all of you looking to make a make this Mothers day, All I have to say is one word...KISS, or as we in the restaurant business say: Keep it Simple Stupid. Dont overwhelm with fancy foods that sit out on a buffet all day but rather spoil mom with the little things, go for the detail rather than attracting to the masses-Create a personalized menu geared toward Mom, the family and the moment they get to share together at the table-NOT ON THE BUFFET LINE...Lets see who is the risk takers this year, watch as I look and report in the days to come...

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