Monday, April 20, 2009

This weekend saw the Grand opening of the new Zushi Flirt at the Regent Hotel or should I say Crown property on Miami Beach. Ok for the record let me reiterate this in saying that this is not the first run of this wanna be sushi as sex restaurant whereby the names of the entrees are seductively named after your favorite khama sutra offerring..if only the food was as good as the ideas that they conjure up. From the "Miso Horney" soup to the octopussy delight let me tell you it was no delight to chew and chew and chew on this rubbery and overly salted sushi appetiser, and it went from bad to worse as the "Orgy" was more like a sumo event than an actually sensual festival as I don't need bulk amounts of food I just want food that tastes good, and in this instance this was not the case. Look for another quick exit back to New Jersey for this wanna bee trying so trying to add some life to a restaurant space that like the latter will soon look for another location, just remember where you heard it first-

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