Monday, April 20, 2009

And its the best burger here in South Florida. Since its arrival a few months ago from the highly successful restaurant team that has brought us The city group and Rocco's Tacos comes the tastiest burger in town. Made from Organic beef (slightly higher price) this succulent burger was dripping with flavor, include the rich homemade brioche bun and your choice of some amazing toppings ( I opted for the bbq burger) none will disappoint. Even for you Ecoli hating carnivors I will aslo say that their turkey burger laced with herbs and spices and topped with avocado is an amazing healthier alternative-not too mention the bunless burger salad that for us carb conscious might find quite pleasing-As far as sides while not many they do compliment as the crispy perfectly seasoned fries outshined even the taudiest of other places that have recently entered the scene and the Onion rings, well they would make any southerner proud. Needless to say that for the craving and the product no matter where you are in South Florida Clematis isnt that far a drive-if only the parking were cheaper.

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