Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Preview Lunch in Delray (Today)

Out with the old and in withe the new...Just what Delray needs another Italian Restaurant...Located in the recently evactuated City Limits space behind another new Italian entree to the downtown Delray Dining scene (Vic & Angleos') Il Bacio is set to open early May-yet we all know with permitting it just may be a little longer. This ultra-hip wanna be South Beach inspired restaurant has all the bells and whistles that one would find down in the land of the beautiful people situated along the RR tracks in Downtown Delray-think train watching vs people watching and if the demographics prove right thats what the elder crowd will be doing, as hip tapas even from a veteran chef from Bova restaurant in un-hip Delray doesnt mix...In a land where you are competing with penny pinchers I am only hoping the menu and the offerings will be respectful so that atleast give them a chance...I as ith all new restaurant/lounge ventures wish you luck, yet a hint to all you realtors out there-look for a vacant spot to be available at once again under market in Delray...

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