Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out with the Just Recently Opened, In with the soon to be relocated:

Remember where you heard it first food fans and cynics alike, Zushi Flirt the second incantation of the wanna be sushi restaurant from New Jersey, did a M*A*S*H bug out very recently in evacuating what is the failed outspot at Table 8 located in the soon to change names again Hotel at 16th and Collins. The Sherlock loves the perverbial "I told You So.." and while the sherlock would love to give credit where credit is due this is sedom the case here in the Magic City.
It Turns out that Miso Horney and all the other sexual oriented offerrings once again didnt make the cut even amongst all the sexual deviants among us-Once again proving that it takes more than just a catchy play on words to make quality food.

So what will become of the "Ghost spot" that has sooo much potential, and what of the wy too large to pay the rent burger bar on Alton Road. Hey leave it to the sherlock once again as it would be too bad to let Govin Go as while he really isnt here his concepts are and as far as I am concerned his team needs to get a clue-think smaller space-definately beer on tap and a do-able rent reality. Even if the space is small what do you need to make a burger-One location on the beach is all you need want to expand-go design district for second-Follow the successes of those who know and dont let those who dont run the concept.

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