Monday, March 30, 2009

Whats for Lunch?
Arnolds Royal castle...North Miami
Wanting to see what all the talk was about I headed North up 7th avenue, past all the now defunct auto dealers to find this burger institution. I must say I was actually excited, growing up on Murder burgers from White Castle on Long Island I was only hoping the experience would satisfy. Boy was I wrong....Coming from the "organized" world of the restaurant business I was first concerned in their manner in order taking only to yell out what I wanted from the menu board above. I went straight for what made them famous and ordered a six pack of cheeseburgers, half with Bacon ( I have to watch my sexy figure), a small fries and a small onion rings-who could resist not to mention a Birch beer (a huge plus)...Waiting and watching the burgers fly out in bakery boxes I was salivating like a dog...Finally after drinking half my soda my order finally arrived. Was this what I had pictured, after seeing al the postings-Not even close, the fries were different, as well the platters and while the cheeseburgers looked the same the only thing that came to my mind after opening the bun to add my condiments was that old Wendys commercial in the 80's remember the old lady asking where's The beef well do I have another job for her. Talk about all the bun you can eat, lets just say that this little patty barely covered the slider bun, it was like a grilled cheese with oions and thank god for them as it was the only flavor this meet actually had, as far as the fries and the rings well lets just say that the oil in the fryer shouldnt be the same color as the motor oil you discard from your car...Bottom line-search out the publix freezer and get the white castles and a microwave and you would be better served-not to mention not feel like your car is being robbed in the parking lot....

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