Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rich owner seeking investors

So who will be next on the list of South Floridas Millionaires looking to own a piece of a legend. Or should I say legend in the making as at this rate atleast the stands will be filled with owners of the team as opposed to vacant with prices being what they are in this economy. Whos next am I hearing luther Campbell, Vanilla Ice? And what about John Secada I wonder what is the prerequisite of fame and celebrity one must tought to be an owner of this now over the top franchise??? Its going to take a hell of a halftime show for Mr. Ross and now what 37 famous investors to make any sort of profit from a home game...Maybe J Perez will sign on and offer a free night at the icon for anyone who buys a high end luxury ticket at Land Shark Stadium. ha is that really the name as I still call it Pro Player-h how I miss the OB more than ever now...And what we Hurrcicane fans now will also have to succumb to this ownership fiasco?? and What about the food, can we get some Conch on the menu please!!! I will open a stand-if need be as if we are gonna reepresent lets do it right...Medinoche bar...Ceviche bars...and of course forget the bottles lets sell pitchers of Mojitos in plastic coconuts....talk about a side show!!!

When will Mr. Ross get it as signing all these people will only make the real fans made...Why not sell to those who matter, aka Dan, Bob, Don, Larry, and anyone else from history-sorry for those I didnt include-let them have some of the legacy give them a piece of the pie...at least with tem we know it wont end up back in our faces....Hint hint

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