Friday, July 24, 2009

W is the first letter in Wanna Bee

E does not = W
Pretentious, over rated and now this partnership with the W hotel and this is one that even blows the sherlocks mind. In a time where $500 per night hotel room stays are down nearly 70% The W Hotel has reached way down into the bottom of the barrel and came up with a co-marketing deal for all those fans of the HBO show Entourage in order to lure in those looking to frolic like an "A'" list celebrity!!! Boo Ya I say-so much better can come out of the $5,000.00 +that two nights as a wanna bee and I am not talking Turtle...Even Drama would think twice about spending that much-Vince maybe but hey he just did Scorsayze right?!-and if you are that wealthy that the money isnt the issue well then you have much bigger issues with your ego and might look to invest this money in a good shrink!!!

As as far as the show goes, now dont get me wrong as I am a loyal fan and old time camp friend of the main producer and FYI some of the references in the show actually come from our real life growing up-To say that I am glad for the success is an understatement yet not a fan of the hype which unfortunately has to be dragged along with it-Muchos mazel tovs for all those involved in making it what it has become!! Now lets just try to curb the co-marketing and stick with whjat works-a great cast, great scripts and Ari's attitude!!!!-Oh and by the way LLoyd was kicking back the heinies and the hors d ouvres, I dont think he will ever get his own desk!!!

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